Selena’s Dream

With Disney popping out Pop Princesses left and right, it’s been a ride seeing which stay burning and which fizzle out. With the group narrowing down, Selena Gomez (better know for her roles on Wizard if Waverly Place and Romona and Beezus) has been definitely surpassing them all. Not only has she been able to leave a trail in the television, movie, and music industries now she is venturing into fashion. With Dream Out Loud Miss Gomez has created a fun girly line that can be worn by any free bird. The secret behind the line? It’s affordable! Unlike those celebrities who take advantage of their fame-de-la-fame to hike up prices into the $$$, Gomez’ line is sold in K-Mart stores across the nation. I’d definite say this is something to take a look at and keep your eye on.

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