No Man, No Problem

With all the recent occurrences lately, I decided it’s time to empower ourselves. Take a stand and show them who you really.

I recently found my newest favorite write who goes by the name The Single Woman. Most people think girls who are “alone” or single are not by choice, but rather because no one wants to be with them. Well I am here to explain how wrong that theory is. Most media today depicts women who “need” men to be happy…well sorry to bust your bubble. No we don’t! Women can handle anything and endure monuments of pain, so who says we can’t live without a man.

Many women who are without a man choose to be so. With society times changing in the past decades, what makes society think our choices on freedom aren’t changing as well. The Single Woman dedicates her time enlightening readers on woman empowering subjects, and showing everyone that we women are powerful with or without a guy at our side.

Background music: Helen Reddy-I Am Woman. Stand on your bed, couch or kitchen and scream it at the top of your lungs.

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