monday music tunes.

While curating in the office today, we decided to make our Mondays a little more enjoyable. Enjoy the vintage tunes loves.


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Fresh Face.

“I sent an email to Susie Bubble and the next day she blogged about [my line]. By the end of the week it had been reblogged over 20 times” – Shabd Simon-Alexander

The tie-dye artistry of indie fashion designer Shabd Simon-Alexander and her limited-edition pieces are created using quality natural fibers including luxurious silks, organic cottons and textured wools and stocked in high-end boutiques and Barney’s Co-op internationally. This is the woman who taught Martha Stewart to tie-dye.

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Everyone has some that they inspiration to be like, whether it’s your mother, sister or the President of the United States. We fashionistas are a little off key on our inspirations, well we’re a little off key on most things. Well here is our salute to one of our heroes and inspirations fashion stylist Rachel Zoe who was recently named the number one stylist to the star by The Hollywood Reporter. CONGRATS!

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Runway Spotlight.

With runways continuing to shock and surprise us during fashion season, Closet Deep came across the latest shots from the Louis Vuitton runway shots. Rage of sheer black, skirts that leave nothing to the imagination. Patten rain coats and color blocked additions finished the looks of the show. Could you pull this look off on your daily life?

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Street Style.

Who says that you have to save your best looks for parties or special occasions. Dress your heart out every time you walk out your door (or even in your room alone for yourself). Keep your eye out for trend setters and inspiration around you, and send pictures our way to showcase.

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Party Hard.

Best part of loving fashion: always knowing how and when to have a good time. Party hard this weekend, and prepare yourselves for what’s to come on Closet Deep.

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Flower Power.

With the snow melting and the clouds fading, the time for sun and flowers has crept up on us. In reality it could have not come any faster. So now it is time to rid yourself of the black and grays, and trade them in for pastels and flowers. Stock up on jean shorts, midriff romance shirts, and flowy dresses. Check out these finds from under $25. Take out that credit card!

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